No Man's Sky Introduces Ship Customisation in Latest Orbital Update
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No Man's Sky Introduces Ship Customisation in Latest Orbital Update

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Hello Games has done it again with the announcement of the latest Omega update for No Man's Sky, bringing long-awaited customisation options for players' ships.

Just when players thought the game couldn't get any better after the massive Omega update that overhauled the Expeditions mode, Hello Games surprises them with the exciting news of another major update. Sean Murray's cryptic tweets hinted at something big on the horizon, and now we have the official reveal of the Orbital update.

The highlight of the Orbital update is the introduction of starship customisation. Players now have the ability to design and build their custom ship using salvaged parts obtained by dismantling existing ships. According to the patch notes, "naturally-hunted" ships can be distinguished by the Authenticated Starship seal, offering a bigger bonus upon trade-in.

The trailer for the Orbital update showcases the ship customisation process, allowing players to choose the look of the cockpit, wings, hull, and reactor core. Additionally, players can select the type of ship from options like Hauler, Fighter, Shuttle, or Explorer.

But customisation isn't the only thing the update brings. Space stations have also undergone a significant overhaul, with external architecture being completely reimagined. The interiors of space stations have been redesigned and expanded, making it easier for players to find essential shops. Stations are now more explorable, offering unique aesthetics based on the system they're in.

Overall, the Orbital update promises to be one of the biggest updates No Man's Sky has seen in a while, bringing a host of new features and improvements. With the addition of ship customisation and revamped space stations, players have plenty of reasons to dive back into the game's vast universe and explore all that it has to offer.

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