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Nintendo Clamps Down on Palworld's Pokémon Mod

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a move that has sent ripples through the gaming community, Nintendo has started issuing DMCA takedowns over a mod for the popular game Palworld. This mod, which gained attention online, transformed the game into a Pokémon-themed adventure, complete with the iconic character Ash and various Pokémon.

The mod was first showcased by Twitter user @ToastedShoes, who posted a 24-second video revealing the extent of the Pokémon overhaul in Palworld. The video, which has since been removed due to copyright claims, showed the main character being replaced by Ash, and all 'Pals' in the game turned into Pokémon.

ToastedShoes humorously commented on the situation, tweeting, "Nintendo has come for me, please leave me in your thoughts and prayers." This tweet, along with the removed video, highlights the swift action taken by Nintendo to protect its intellectual property.

Palworld, a game that has surpassed 5 million unit sales and reached the second-highest played status on Steam, has been an overnight success. However, it hasn't been without controversy, facing criticism for alleged plagiarism of Pokémon concepts.

As of now, Nintendo has not commented on any legal action beyond the DMCA takedowns. This situation raises questions about the boundaries of fan-made content and the protection of intellectual property in the gaming industry.

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