Nexus Mods Premium Subscription Price Increases
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Nexus Mods Premium Subscription Price Increases

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're a frequent user of Nexus Mods, you may have heard about the recent price increase for their premium subscription service. Nexus Mods, known for hosting a vast library of game mods across popular titles like Skyrim, Fallout, and The Witcher, has decided to adjust its prices to keep up with the rising costs of maintaining their platform.

According to a recent news post on Nexus Mods, the website's infrastructure has expanded significantly to handle the growing demand from the gaming community. With over 1 billion requests per day and peak traffic requiring 700 CPUs and 5TB of memory, it's no surprise that running a site of this scale comes at a cost.

Starting June 17, the new prices for Nexus Mods' premium subscription service will be as follows:


  • USD $8.99 plus tax
  • GBP £7.19 plus tax
  • EUR €8.39 plus tax


  • USD $89.99 plus tax
  • GBP £71.99 plus tax
  • EUR €83.99 plus tax

With prices set to increase by around 50% in some regions, some gamers may be reevaluating their subscription plans. However, Nexus Mods emphasized that these adjustments are necessary to continue providing top-notch service and support to mod creators around the world.

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