New Stardew Valley Update Released with Almost 30 Features and Fixes
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New Stardew Valley Update Released with Almost 30 Features and Fixes

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

ConcernedApe has rolled out the latest 1.6.3 hotfix for the beloved farming RPG, addressing known issues and adding some extra features to enhance gameplay. While the game's 1.6 update is still fresh in players' minds, this new patch aims to refine the player experience with tweaks and balances.

According to ConcernedApe's tweet unveiling the patch notes, some exciting changes have been introduced in this hotfix. One notable improvement allows players to visit Clint's store and crack open geodes while he's in the midst of upgrading their tools. Additionally, moss collectors will be pleased to discover that moss now grants experience to the Forager skill, albeit at a slower spawn rate.

The 1.6.3 Patch not only addresses bugs stemming from the previous 1.6 Update but also introduces new additions. Players can now purchase pets from Marnie and enjoy a brand new portrait for Krobus. This update also resolves an annoying glitch that caused players to catch trash too frequently and fixes visual issues affecting certain larger sprites in the game.

Feedback from the community regarding the latest hotfix has been overwhelmingly positive, showcasing the dedication of ConcernedApe towards maintaining and improving Stardew Valley. While it remains unclear if this will be the final update for the game, fans can look forward to potential surprises in the future.

It's worth noting that Stardew Valley continues to captivate players with its hidden secrets and surprises. The recent 1.6 Update brought a host of fun Easter eggs, including a powerful sword inspired by another indie favorite, Terraria.

Despite Stardew Valley's initial release in 2016, ConcernedApe shows no signs of slowing down. The developer is committed to ensuring a rich and satisfying gaming experience for players, with ongoing updates and tweaks. In addition to his work on Stardew Valley, ConcernedApe is also working on a new game titled Haunted Chocolatier.

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