New Early Access Release Date for Life By You in June
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New Early Access Release Date for Life By You in June

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Paradox Tectonic's upcoming title, Life By You, is set to revolutionize the genre with its highly anticipated early access release. Led by industry veteran Rob Humble, the game promises to offer a truly immersive experience unlike any other.

The original early access release date of March 5, 2024, has been pushed back to June 4, 2024. This delay was announced to ensure that the development team has ample time to enhance the visuals of the game's human characters and further refine the gameplay mechanics.

In a recent video, Rob Humble, the General Manager of Paradox Tectonic, elaborated on the reasons behind the new release date, stating, "We want to deliver the best possible experience to our players, and this extra time will allow us to do just that."

For players who have pre-ordered Life By You on Steam or the Epic Games Store, refunds are available. Detailed instructions can be found on the game's FAQ page. Although pre-orders are no longer being accepted, players can still access exclusive content like the Life Begins Pack and the Nightlife Vibes Pack throughout the early access period.

During the early access phase, expected to last approximately 12 months, players can look forward to a range of exciting features. According to the Steam FAQs, early access content will include customization options, Creator Tools, character interactions, quests, and ongoing updates introducing new gameplay elements.

Looking ahead, the team at Paradox Tectonic is dedicated to fostering a vibrant modding community around Life By You. With a commitment to providing modder-friendly tools and ongoing support, the game is poised to evolve in collaboration with its player base.

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