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Gaming News Layoffs Reikon Games

Massive Layoffs Hit Ruiner Developer Reikon Games

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Reikon Games, the creative force behind the 2017 action hit Ruiner, has laid off approximately 80% of its staff according to Kotaku. This drastic reduction has reportedly affected 60 to 70 employees, a move that sources describe as "sudden and shocking."

Reikon Games, an independent studio based in Poland, had been in the spotlight for its work on Ruiner and was developing a promising sci-fi first-person shooter titled Final Form. Announced in 2021 under Plaion’s Prime Matter label, Final Form was anticipated to be an ambitious project set at the edge of the universe, battling an unstoppable plague. However, the current status of this project remains uncertain, with promotional materials being quietly removed from public view.

This unfortunate turn of events at Reikon is part of a larger trend of layoffs within the gaming industry, which has seen over 5,000 job losses in 2024 alone. This figure already surpasses half of the total layoffs recorded in 2023, highlighting a concerning pattern of instability across the sector. High-profile companies like Microsoft have also announced significant cuts, affecting various divisions including Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, and Xbox.

The gaming community has expressed concern and solidarity for those affected by these layoffs. Discussions are ongoing about the sustainability and future of employment within the industry, as companies navigate through these turbulent times.

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Gaming News Layoffs Reikon Games


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