40 Minutes of Gameplay from Stellar Blade
Gaming News Stellar Blade

Leaked: 40 Minutes of Gameplay from Stellar Blade

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Exciting news for all the gaming enthusiasts out there - the first forty minutes of the highly anticipated game Stellar Blade has been revealed in a demo video on YouTube. The video, tagged as a 'demo', gives us a sneak peek into the post-apocalyptic world of Stellar Blade, following the accidental publication of a trial version on the PlayStation store.

In this forty-minute video, we get to witness the opening sequences of the game, introducing us to the protagonist, Eve, and the war-torn planet she must navigate through. The gameplay showcases the intense combat mechanics, boss fights, skill settings, outfits, and the game's acrobatic combat style.

One of the most striking features of Stellar Blade is the character model of Eve, based on a real-world South Korean model. As she embarks on her journey, players are immediately immersed in a visually stunning and emotionally charged world.

With top-notch voice acting and a fast-paced soundtrack, Stellar Blade promises to deliver a high-octane and challenging gaming experience. Fans can expect to explore the crumbling post-apocalyptic world of Zion in depth, with exciting gameplay elements like camps, upgrade paths, and verticality.

Despite the accidental release on the PlayStation Store, the demo video has left players eager for more, anticipating the official launch of Stellar Blade in the near future.

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Gaming News Stellar Blade


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