League of Legends Dev Update: New Vampire Survivors-esque Mode Announced
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League of Legends Dev Update: New Vampire Survivors-esque Mode Announced

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Riot Games recently announced in their latest dev update that a new Vampire Survivors-esque game mode is coming to League of Legends later this year. In addition to this exciting news, the team also discussed Lee Sin's art and sustainability update, as well as upcoming changes to ranked rewards.

If you missed the live dev update, you can catch up on all the details in the official video.

Dev Update:

  • Despite play hours decreasing over the time of its availability, Arena’s latest run was successful overall. The team is focusing on improving variety to increase longevity of interest.When Arena returns, it will have lobbies of 16 players per game.
  • There will also be a new class of items: Prismatics, which will completely alter how Arena plays.
  • Although a less reliable method, players can now take the risk of buying items from the Anvil, which come at a lower price than usual.
  • More information will be shared in a dev blog coming next week.
  • Players can look forward to the release of a bullet heaven survivor PvE game mode for League of Legends during this year’s summer event.
  • Champion-specific titles in the updated Champion Mastery system have been made permanent.
  • It will also be easier to get Mastery with the new system, since it will no longer factor in team performance.
  • The updated system has a targeted release date of patch 14.10 on May 15.
  • Check out the dev blog on Lee Sin’s ASU for more details about the team’s approach to and process of developing his update.
  • The team has been working on gameplay clarity on some of his skins.
  • The team is targeting patch 14.9 on May 1 for the release of Lee Sin’s ASU.
  • Teemo’s ASU is targeted for release in patch 14.20.
  • Players can tune into MSI to see who punches their ticket to Worlds!
  • This year there will be a unique Victorious skin for each split.
  • The first split’s skin is Victorious Kog’Maw and the second split’s skin is Victorious Sona.
  • Upon unlocking all three Victorious skins, players will receive a Victorious border for them all.
  • More info can be found in a dev blog that’s out today.

The announcement of the new game mode for League of Legends has generated significant excitement among players. With a similar vibe to Vampire Survivors, this mode is expected to be a hit with fans, especially given the game's diverse character roster.

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