Gearbox Will Be on Sale Next Month
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It's Alleged that Gearbox Will Be on Sale Next Month

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In recent news, it appears that the Embracer Group is on the brink of finalizing a transaction that would result in the sale of Gearbox, amidst accelerated corporate restructuring efforts. Reports suggest that the sale of Gearbox is 'imminent,' following previous conjecture that the firm was under consideration for various possibilities, including independence, or a potential shift from the Embracer Group.

Embracer Group has been engaged in a significant restructuring initiative that involves the shutdown, sale, and reduction of subsidiary businesses across the board. This extreme move is primarily aimed at recovering financial losses incurred due to a failed $2 billion deal backed by Saudi investors, placing Embracer in a tight spot.

More recently, divulgence about Saber Interactive's prospective sale to a private investment assembly for a whopping $500 million came to light. In 2021, the Embracer Group had acquired Gearbox for an impressive $1.2 billion, a financial endeavor that is now appearing unlikely to yield significant returns.

However, Gearbox is not just any other firm. Over its 25-year-old journey, it has associated with esteemed gaming titles such as Counter-Strike, Brothers in Arms, Duke Nukem, Aliens, and the all-famed Borderlands series, demonstrating its formidable industry presence.

As noted by a recent article in Kotaku, more details about this situation are set to be disclosed next month. As of now, it is believed that a final call has been made regarding Gearbox's future, and insider sources suggest that this verdict is a decision to sell.

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