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It's Alleged That Dragon Age: Dreadwolf is Arriving in Late 2024

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a recent episode of Game Mess, industry insider Jeff Grubb hinted at the possibility of Dragon Age: Dreadwolf hitting the market towards the end of 2024. Bioware had earlier, in December 2023, promised fans a full reveal in the summer of 2024. The game is currently opening to additions on wishlists for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox.

In the preceding December, Bioware put out an official trailer. Although it was quite short and consisted only of cinematics without revealing any gameplay, an accompanying description offered some insight into the game's plot. According to this, gamers will end up in Thedas, an immersive world comprised of harsh wildernesses, dangerous labyrinths, and shining cities, all underscored by brutal fights and clandestine magic.

With the full unveiling scheduled in the near future, there's some merit to Grubb's anticipated release timeframe. However, Bioware is yet to officially endorse or confirm the launch date for Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. Nevertheless, Grubb mentions that individuals at Bioware do feel "assured" about the speculated timeline. It's relevant here to note that Grubb's prior speculations on Game Press have often been vindicated.

Dragon Age continues to be a remarkably influential series in the realm of fantasy RPGs, with Dragon Age: Inquisition greatly impacting fans and earning multiple award recognitions, including several Game of the Year awards.

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Gaming News Dragon Age: Dreadwolf


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