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Helldivers 2 Expands Player Limit to 700K, CEO Anticipates Full Capacity

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Arrowhead Game Studios, the brains behind Helldivers 2, has officially upped the game's player capacity. However, Johan Pilestedt, the CEO, has hinted that even this expanded limit might not suffice.

In a recent announcement on X, Pilestedt shared that the game's concurrent user (CCU) cap has been elevated to a staggering 700,000. Despite this significant increase, he remains cautious, anticipating that the game will likely hit this new ceiling.

Pilestedt expressed optimism about the update, stating, "I have one final update for tonight. We have updated the max CCU cap to 700,000. Unfortunately, we expect the CCU to reach that level. We believe that the wait times will be much more bearable. Tomorrow we are doing some final improvements for the weekend."

Helldivers 2 has seen remarkable success, particularly on Steam, where it recently achieved a concurrent player peak of 457,649 on a Wednesday, not even counting PlayStation 5 players. This popularity has led to extended wait times for many eager players, suggesting that the actual demand could be even higher if not for server capacity constraints.

In response to server overcrowding and to ensure a smoother gameplay experience, the developers released a new update aimed at addressing the issue of idle players. This update is designed to prevent players from occupying server space by staying logged in when not actively playing. Now, if a player remains idle for 15 minutes, they will be automatically returned to the title screen.

This move is part of Arrowhead's broader strategy to enhance the gaming experience. Following the game's success, Pilestedt announced plans to expand the development team to enrich Helldivers 2's content offerings further. This initiative underscores the company's commitment to delivering an exceptional experience for its Sony-published shooter's growing fan base.

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