Escape From Tarkov Lunar New Year Gift
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Grab Your Free Escape From Tarkov Lunar New Year Gift

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Escape from Tarkov, the hardcore and realistic online first-person action RPG/Simulator with MMO features, is celebrating the Lunar New Year in style. Thanks to the generosity of Battlestate Games, players have the opportunity to claim a free gift, but it's a limited-time offer, so speed is of the essence.

To get your hands on this exclusive gift, simply log into your account on the official Escape from Tarkov website and navigate to your profile. Look for the image of a submachine gun with a paperclip overlay, click on it, and a pop-up will confirm your gift redemption. The next step is to log into the game before the offer expires to collect your goodies, which include:

  • Vector .45 SMG
  • 3 x 30-rd Magazines
  • 90 x Lasermatch FMJ Ammo
  • 1 x AFAK
  • 1 x Tar Cola
  • 1 x Vita Water
  • 1 x Hot Rod
  • 4 x Buckwheat

While some may argue the gift pack is modest, it's hard to complain about free items, especially when one of them is the powerful Vector SMG, perfect for dominating in Factory runs. And remember, if you encounter Tagilla, aim for the legs.

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Gaming News Escape From Tarkov