Forza Motorsport Update 7: 25GB File Size Reduction and New Content
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Forza Motorsport Update 7: 25GB File Size Reduction and New Content

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Following the major overhaul introduced in Update 6, Forza Motorsport's Update 7 may not be as groundbreaking, but it's definitely a significant upgrade. The standout features include the addition of the iconic Brands Hatch track and a remarkable 25 GB reduction in the game's installation size.

Forza Motorsport faced numerous issues upon its release in October 2023, prompting developer Turn 10 to develop a comprehensive improvement plan, which was implemented in early 2024. With the arrival of Update 7, the game is now in a much better state, although not without its flaws. The highlight of the new update is Brands Hatch, a legendary European racing venue. In addition to Brands Hatch and the reduced installation size, Update 7 also introduces enhancements to the Forza Race Regulations, updated proximity arrows, and various technical fixes, making it a substantial upgrade overall.

Update 7 brings two distinct layouts of Brands Hatch: the Grand Prix Circuit and the Indy layout, catering to both high-speed and slower vehicles. The Retro Racer Tour, following Forza Motorsport's signature FOMO format, features exciting spotlight cars such as the 1981 Ford Racing Capri Turbo by Zakspeed and the 1969 Lola T163. Additionally, the game's Car Pass is nearing its end, with three new vehicles set to be released in the coming weeks:

  • April 10: Ginetta G55 GT4 (2019)
  • April 17: Matra-Simca #146 Equipe MS650 Tour de France (1970)
  • April 24: Ligier #11 Euro international JS-P3 (2016)

Looking ahead, Turn 10 may adopt a similar approach to vehicle DLC as Playground Games did with Forza Horizon 5, but no official confirmation has been provided yet.

Update 7 also addresses the infinite loading bug on PC related to custom livery designs and introduces a PC-specific audio setting for improved CPU performance. Moreover, the total installation size of Forza Motorsport has been significantly reduced by 25 GB on Xbox Series and 29 GB on PC platforms as of Update 7.

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