Fortnite Introduces Different Difficulty Levels and Additional Maps for Save The World
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Fortnite Introduces Different Difficulty Levels and Additional Maps for Save The World

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Exciting news for all Fortnite Save the World fans! The v29.10 Hotfix update has arrived, bringing along a plethora of new features and challenges for players to enjoy.

One major update in this patch is the return of the fan-favorite Survive the Horde mode. However, this time around, things are not going to be the same old routine. The game now offers dynamic base locations, meaning players will no longer defend the same bases in every match. New locations such as the Volcano have been added to the rotation, injecting a fresh element of surprise and strategy into the gameplay.

According to Fortnite's official website, the revamped enemy waves are sure to keep players on their toes. The balance and order of waves have been updated to provide a new level of challenge. The time between waves has decreased, requiring players to think fast and adapt their defense strategies. Additionally, each mission now concludes with a final wave challenge where players must survive for five intense minutes as Homebase prepares for extraction.

Challenge Weeks Schedule and New Modifiers

The latest update also introduces a revised Challenge Weeks schedule with various modifiers to spice up the Survive the Horde experience. From smaller Storm safe zones to low gravity effects, players will face a range of challenges that will test their skills and endurance. Here is a rundown of the different Challenge Weeks:

  • Challenge Week 1 – STORM SURGE: Smaller safe zones within the Storm and frequent lightning strikes.
  • Challenge Week 2 – LOW GRAVITY: Shifted magnetic field, rendering Hoverboards inoperable.
  • Challenge Week 3 – MELEE MAYHEM: Limited ranged weapons and boosted Trap damage and melee attack speed.
  • Challenge Week 4 – HASTY HUSKS: Damaging enemies makes the horde move in faster.
  • Challenge Week 5 – WINDSWEPT: Threatening tornadoes.
  • Challenge Week 6 – SLOW BURN: Acid pools and slowing status effects.
  • Challenge Week 7 – UNFLAPPABLE HUSKS: Unstoppable Horde and increased player's weapon damage.
  • Challenge Week 8 – FAST FORWARD: Faster enemy waves, demanding faster building and gathering.
  • Challenge Week 9 – SMOG OF WAR: Reduced visibility due to erupting volcano.
  • Challenge Week 10 – THE FLOOR IS LAVA: Stay off the ground to avoid lava eruptions.
  • Challenge Week 11 – NOT-SPACE ROCKS: Defend against falling volcanic debris.

But perhaps the most significant addition in this update is the introduction of difficulty tiers. Players must now advance through tiers to access higher difficulty levels, with Tier 5 posing the greatest challenge. In addition to the satisfaction of overcoming these challenges, players will unlock new Banner Icons and Sprays as a bonus.

For more information on the Save the World v29.10 Hotfix update, head over to Fortnite's official page.

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