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Fortnite & Doctor Who Collab: Fact or Fiction?

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The gaming and TV worlds buzzed with excitement over the rumored collaboration between Fortnite and Doctor Who, a partnership that promised to blend the thrill of battle royale with the timeless adventures of the Doctor. However, Russell T Davies, the mastermind behind Doctor Who's latest narratives, has officially debunked these rumors as nothing more than myths.

Taking a stand on Instagram, Davies responded directly to fan inquiries about the potential crossover, stating unequivocally, "There isn’t one! It’s a complete myth, I’m afraid." This statement came as a surprise to many, especially considering the persistent rumors and supposed leaks that have circulated for nearly 18 months. These leaks included detailed assets and a promo script, hinting at an elaborate Fortnite event dubbed “U.N.I.T Tardis Alert,” referencing Doctor Who's Unified Intelligence Taskforce and the iconic Tardis time machine.

Despite Davies' firm dismissal, the door to speculation remains ajar. Some fans wonder if this denial is a strategic move to preserve the surprise of an actual collaboration, especially with Doctor Who set to return to screens in May 2024, marking the beginning of Ncuti Gatwa's tenure as the Fifteenth Doctor. This timing would be perfect for a Fortnite collaboration, should one be in the works.

Epic Games, the creator of Fortnite, has yet to make an official statement regarding the rumored collaboration, leaving fans in a state of hopeful suspense. Fortnite, known for its dynamic and ever-evolving gameplay, continues to be a staple on various platforms, including PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, macOS, and Microsoft Windows.

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