First Video of 'Metal Gear Solid Legacy' Does Not Include Kojima
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First Video of Metal Gear Solid Legacy Does Not Include Kojima

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Konami's Metal Gear Solid Legacy series has made its debut, offering fans a nostalgic trip down memory lane. The first episode, narrated by the iconic voice actor David Hayter, delves into the history of the beloved franchise.

As fans tuned in, they were excited to relive the epic moments and characters that have made Metal Gear Solid a household name. However, there was one glaring omission that caught the attention of many: the absence of Hideo Kojima.

Despite Kojima being the mastermind behind the series since its inception, his name was conspicuously absent from the retrospective video. This omission highlights the tumultuous relationship between Kojima and Konami, which ultimately led to his departure from the company in 2015.

Following Kojima's exit, the Metal Gear Solid series faced a challenging period, culminating in the release of MGS Survive, a game that was met with widespread criticism. Now, Konami is looking to breathe new life into the franchise by remaking one of its most popular titles, Snake Eater.

While no names were mentioned in the initial episode of Metal Gear Solid Legacy, the absence of Kojima's name is a poignant reminder of the behind-the-scenes turmoil that has plagued the series in recent years. As the series unfolds, fans hope that proper credit will be given to the visionary creator who shaped the world of Metal Gear Solid.

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Gaming News Metal Gear Solid Legacy