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F1 24 Cover Datamined and Website Emerge

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a revelation that surprises virtually no one, EA appears poised to continue the legacy of Codemaster’s F1 series, with the cover for the "Champions Edition" of F1 24 being discovered within the game files. Additionally, a dedicated page for the upcoming racing simulator has made an appearance on EA's website, albeit in an unofficial capacity.

Visitors to EA’s European site will find a placeholder page for F1 24, offering nothing more than a "coming in 2024" teaser and a declaration that EA Sports F1 24 will serve as the official videogame for the 2024 FIA Formula One World Championship.

The cover image, which has sparked considerable interest, was extracted from the game files following a recent title update. Another intriguing image from the game files can be seen here, showcasing the depth of the datamined content:

F1 24 Cover Image

Moreover, a graphic emerges post-patch installation, teasing the announcement trailer and featuring a QR code. Scanning this code redirects users to the F1 YouTube channel, further fueling anticipation.

While EA has yet to make an official announcement, the evidence suggests that such an announcement is imminent, possibly within the next few days, considering the F1 23 files already contain references to F1 24.

QR Code

This development is hardly unexpected, following EA's acquisition of Codemasters, which was largely predicated on the studio's track record of delivering annual F1 titles. Although datamined information typically warrants skepticism, the details surrounding F1 24 seem to be a sure bet, with the community eagerly awaiting the official reveal.

An announcement, complete with a release date and details on the game's editions, is expected to be just around the corner.

Sources from Reddit have been instrumental in bringing this information to light, with contributions from users across several threads providing a comprehensive look at the leak.

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