Escape from Tarkov Stash Expansion Costs
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Escape from Tarkov: Stash Expansion Costs Revealed

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Battlestate Games recently disclosed the pricing for expanding your stash in Escape from Tarkov, revealing the cost for additional storage space purchasable with real money. This introduction of microtransactions follows the recent addition of 'offline co-op' access, previously included at no extra cost with the now-discontinued Edge of Darkness edition.

The Price of Expanding Your Stash in Tarkov

For those looking to increase their stash size in Escape from Tarkov, be prepared to invest. To acquire additional space for your gear, including cases, weapons, and the coveted Big Tushonkas, the price is set at €1.50 for each new line. For players aiming to maximize their stash, the total cost for 28 extra lines reaches up to €52.57.

Additionally, Battlestate Games offers the option to buy stash upgrades as gifts for other players, with a requirement that the purchaser must be over 18 years of age.

This stash expansion is accessible to all players, regardless of the game edition they own. Therefore, those who had previously purchased the Edge of Darkness edition, before its discontinuation, can also extend their stash by 28 lines, ensuring they have ample space for their in-game belongings.

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