Die Gute Fabrik Pauses Development
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Die Gute Fabrik, Creator of Saltsea Chronicles, Pauses Development

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a surprising turn of events, Die Gute Fabrik, the indie game studio located in Copenhagen, Denmark, has declared its dissolution. Famous for their creative works such as Where Is My Heart?, Sportsfriends, and Mutazione, the studio shared through a social media announcement last Monday that they ceased operations a week prior.

After over a quarter-century in the gaming industry, Die Gute Fabrik faced insurmountable challenges in acquiring financial backing for its upcoming ventures. The studio expressed, "The current climate for securing funds for projects at our level is incredibly challenging, making it impossible for Die Gute Fabrik to find the necessary financial support for our future endeavors without facing a significant income gap."

The halt in production was initiated on February 19th, with the studio utilizing its remaining resources to provide its team a month's paid leave to regroup. Despite the pause, there's a glimmer of hope as the studio remains open to securing funding to restart production. This announcement also serves as a signal for the team to start seeking new opportunities.

While Die Gute Fabrik will continue to maintain its existing game portfolio, the leadership team is also on the lookout for new career prospects. The studio hinted at a possible revival under the leadership of CEO Nils Deneken, contingent on future funding, with aspirations to reunite with their talented collaborators.

Reflecting on their journey since 2008, the studio stated, "We take great pride in the games we've created and the incredible team we've collaborated with. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed our games."

Die Gute Fabrik's story is a testament to the challenges faced by indie game developers in today's competitive and financially demanding market, highlighting the importance of support and funding for creative endeavors in the gaming industry.

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