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Dead by Daylight Reveals All Things Wicked Set for March 12 Release

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In an exciting update shared via Twitter, Dead by Daylight has shared its forthcoming chapter, "All Things Wicked," slated for release on March 12. This latest installment introduces players to a new survivor, Sable Ward, alongside a menacing new adversary known as The Unknown, and unveils an enigmatic new battleground, Greenville Square.

The announcement was accompanied by a cinematic trailer, adopting a found footage approach to offer glimpses into the new lore and character abilities awaiting players. This teaser, intended solely for the eyes of Greenville Police Department staff, hints at the dark and thrilling experiences that "All Things Wicked" promises to deliver.

Sable Ward, the new survivor, comes equipped with unique perks such as Weaving Spiders, Strength in Shadows, and Wicked. Weaving Spiders introduces a novel Survivor Perk category called "Invocations," which, upon completion, renders the player injured and Broken but significantly boosts all Generators. This high-risk, high-reward mechanic, along with Ward's recovery-focused perks, adds a fresh layer of strategy to the game.

The Unknown, the chapter's new killer, brings abilities that revolve around Hallucinations and Teleportation, allowing for strategic misdirection and surprise attacks. Their perks, Unbound, Unforeseen, and Undone, further emphasize this theme of deception and unpredictability.

Greenville Square, the new map, features innovative tiles and a central Theater building, a nod to classic horror settings that may tie into The Unknown's backstory. This addition, along with the new characters and mechanics, enriches the Dead by Daylight universe, offering both new and veteran players exciting content to explore.

Despite recent challenges, including layoffs at developer Behaviour Interactive and a delayed event, Dead by Daylight continues to expand its horizons with engaging collaborations and original content that keeps the community coming back for more.

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