Dbrand Faces Backlash for Insensitive Social Media Post, Agrees to Pay $10,000 in Apology
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Dbrand Faces Backlash for Insensitive Social Media Post, Agrees to Pay $10,000 in Apology

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Dbrand, a renowned producer of skins for mobile devices and console faceplates, found itself in hot water recently due to a controversial incident on social media. The company, known for its "witty banter" with customers, took it too far this time, drawing criticism from the gaming community.

It all started when a Twitter user, Bhuwan Chitransh, innocently reached out to Dbrand for advice on maintaining the color of a MacBook skin. Instead of a helpful response, the company decided to mock Chitransh’s last name in an inappropriate manner, causing an uproar online.

Drand Twitter

After facing severe backlash from users condemning their actions, Dbrand swiftly apologized to Chitransh and offered a generous $10,000 as a gesture of goodwill to make amends for the offensive remarks. While the company admitted to the mistake, it defended its history of humorous interactions with customers on social media.

Social media users were divided in their opinions about the incident. Some praised Dbrand for owning up to their error and compensating Chitransh, while others criticized the company for crossing a line and resorting to disrespectful behavior towards a customer.

As the controversy settled, Chitransh confirmed that he would be accepting the money offered by Dbrand, concluding this chapter of the online saga. The incident serves as a reminder to companies about the importance of maintaining professionalism and respect, even in a world of viral tweets and banter.

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