David Vonderhaar Teased New Project
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David Vonderhaar Reveals Mysterious New Game Teaser

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

David ‘Vondy’ Vonderhaar took to the internet to share a mysterious link. This link leads to a simple webpage, showcasing a looping video. Viewers are greeted with the sight of a red barn amidst a forest setting, complete with a tractor, hanging laundry, and various tools and posts scattered in front of the barn, all arranged in a puzzling fashion. Initially displaying a nighttime scene, the video has since switched to a loop of daytime imagery.

The purpose behind Vonderhaar's teaser, found on attractscreen.info, remains shrouded in mystery.

In a significant career move last August, David Vonderhaar departed from Treyarch after dedicating over 19 years to the studio. During his tenure, he became one of the most beloved and recognized figures in the Call of Duty franchise. He left to pursue a then-unnamed project, which now seems poised for revelation.

Reflecting on his departure, Vonderhaar expressed his gratitude towards the Call of Duty community, stating:

"Thank you to the Call of Duty community for your passion and enthusiasm. That energy has often fueled our determination as a studio and individuals. I will always be grateful for the opportunity to interact with so many of you directly online and in person. This energy will always be a massive part of me."

As of now, the teaser site offers little beyond the enigmatic 20-second video loop, which viewers can watch endlessly in anticipation of further developments.

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