Clothes in Escape From Tarkov Now Available for Purchase with Real Money
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Clothes in Escape From Tarkov Now Available for Purchase with Real Money

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Escape from Tarkov players, get ready to up your fashion game! Battlestate Games has finally introduced microtransactions to the popular extraction shooter title, allowing players to purchase in-game clothing with real-world money.

After years of anticipation, players can now unlock a variety of outfits in Tarkov for just a few Euros. These outfits are some of the best clothing items in the game, making it a tempting offer for fashion-forward players.

With three outfits available for both the USEC and BEAR factions, players can choose from a selection of coveted clothing items. Prices range from a modest €5 for basic items to €12 for the most stylish outfits.

Once purchased, these outfits will remain unlocked forever, allowing players to start each wipe in style. Here are the clothing bundles available in Escape from Tarkov:


  • Oldschool (Telnik Upper, Oldschool Lower)
  • Zaslon (Zaslon Upper and Lower)
  • G99 (G99 Upper and Lower)


  • Woodland Infiltrator (Woodland Infiltrator Upper and Lower)
  • Night Patrol (Night Patrol Upper, Deep Recon Lower)
  • Urban Responder (Urban Responder Upper and Lower)

To purchase these bundles, simply log into your account on, seal the deal, and then equip them from Ragman the next time you play Escape from Tarkov.

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Gaming News Escape From Tarkov


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