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Capcom Expresses Regret Over Street Fighter 5's Rocky Launch

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In a heartfelt message marking the eighth anniversary of Street Fighter 5, Capcom has extended an apology to its fans for the game's tumultuous debut. Initially released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in February 2016, the game faced criticism for its lack of single-player content, unstable online multiplayer, and a limited roster of 16 characters, which later expanded to 45.

The company took to the official Japanese Street Fighter Twitter account to express its regrets, stating, "During the early and mid-stages of release, we encountered network issues and a lack of content, leading to disappointment among many of you. We deeply regret that the game did not meet your expectations."

Capcom's reflection on the game's launch led to significant improvements over time. By the end of its lifecycle, Street Fighter 5 boasted 45 playable characters and introduced new gameplay mechanics such as V Skills/Trigger II and V Shift, significantly enhancing the player experience. The company noted, "Thanks to your support, the player base for Street Fighter 5 saw a considerable increase from Season 4 onwards. We are overjoyed that thousands continue to play the game, and we are truly grateful for your continued support."

This period of introspection was not only about making amends but also about learning valuable lessons for the future. Capcom highlighted that the experiences gained from Street Fighter 5 played a crucial role in the development of Street Fighter 6, which has received a much warmer reception, boasting a Metacritic score of 92. The sequel saw a million players within its first three days of release, with Capcom setting an ambitious target of 10 million lifetime sales.

Capcom's candid acknowledgment of Street Fighter 5's flawed launch and their commitment to improvement reflects a company that values its community and strives for excellence in its offerings. The success of Street Fighter 6 serves as a testament to the lessons learned and the strides made in delivering a game that meets and exceeds player expectations.

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