Battlefield 2042 Crimson Front Event: Rewards, Frontlines Mode, and Store Bundles
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Battlefield 2042 Crimson Front Event: Rewards, Frontlines Mode, and Store Bundles

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

As the highly anticipated Crimson Front event in Battlefield 2042 approaches, it's time to gear up and prepare for the action-packed limited-time event set to kick off on April 16th! Get ready to dive into the intense Frontlines mode and earn exciting rewards while battling it out on the battlefield.

Frontlines, a beloved mode from previous Battlefield titles, makes its return in Season 7: Turning Point. Combining the best elements of Conquest and Rush, Frontlines delivers a strategic and fast-paced combat experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Engage in relentless assaults, secure each sector, and advance into enemy territory to reach their ultimate defensive line. Your objective? To arm and eliminate the enemy's M-COMs to secure a victory. But remember, reinforcements are limited, so strategic planning is key!

Experience the epic 20v20 tug-of-war on maps like Haven, Reclaimed, Discarded, and Redacted. Get ready for heart-pounding action like never before!

During the Crimson Front event, players have the opportunity to earn or purchase exclusive rewards that will enhance your Battlefield 2042 experience. By playing Frontlines and earning Ribbons, you can unlock coveted items such as the Blood Lotus Epic Weapon Charm, Skull Curator Epic DXR-1 Skin, Crimson Oath Epic Boris Skin, and the Fractures Rare Player Card Tag.

Check out the alluring Crimson Front Store Bundles:

  • The Red Hand Bundle - 1750 Battlefield Coins
    • Bound by Blood – Angel Legendary Skin
    • Grave Reminder – Legendary AK 5C Skin
    • Death’s Hold – Epic Railgun Pistol Skin
    • Blood Lotus – Epic Weapon Charm
    • Breaking Point – Rare Player Card
  • Stranglehold Bundle - 1000 Battlefield Coins
    • Hand of Death – Sundance Epic Skin
    • Bloodshot – Epic GOL Sniper Magnum Skin
    • Skull Curator – Epic DXR-1 Skin
    • Hemothorax – Epic Weapon Charm
    • Red Cell – Rare Player Card Tag
  • Blood Pact Bundle - 1000 Battlefield Coins
    • Crimson Oath – Boris Epic Skin
    • Dead Petals – Epic SFAR-M GL Skin
    • Bone Collector – Epic EMKV90-TOR Skin
    • Epic XP Booster
    • What Remains – Rare Weapon Charm
    • Fractures – Rare Player Card Tag
  • Crimson Front Bundle - 3500 Battlefield CoinsIncludes "The Red Hand," "Stranglehold," and "Blood Pact" bundles combined.

Don't miss out on these incredible bundles that will take your Battlefield journey to the next level!

Read the full patch notes here.

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