Apple's $73 Million Legal Fee Claim Against Epic Games
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Apple's $73 Million Legal Fee Claim Against Epic Games

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Apple is seeking a staggering $73 million from Epic Games to cover legal expenses incurred during their recent high-profile legal disputes. This development follows the conclusion of a long-running battle between the two tech giants, which was recently decided by the US Supreme Court. The court declined to hear appeals from either side, effectively putting an end to the dispute, as reported by CNBC.

  • Apple's demand for $73 million is based on its claim of spending over $80 million in court defenses.
  • The amount was adjusted down from $82,971,401 to $73,404,326, considering Epic Games' partial victory on one of the ten counts.
  • This news comes on the heels of Epic Games' victory against Google in December 2023, where a jury found against a Google Play monopoly.

Implications for Epic Games and Fortnite:

  • There's growing concern among fans about how this financial demand might affect Epic Games' popular game, Fortnite.
  • Fortnite is currently undergoing major expansions, including the introduction of the Fortnite Festival and new plans for Rocket Racing.
  • The financial strain posed by Apple's demand could impact these ambitious projects and the overall momentum of Fortnite.

The Bigger Picture:

  • This legal skirmish is part of a larger battle over app store policies and revenue sharing in the tech industry.
  • Apple's move to demand a 27% cut from sales earned after a customer links out has been a point of contention.
  • The outcome of this legal demand could set a precedent for future disputes in the tech and gaming industries.

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