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Apparent Leak of Upcoming Helldivers 2's Mechs Footage

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Recently, leaked gameplay clips seem to suggest mech incorporation in Helldivers 2. The player who came across this development and shared it on Reddit reported an encounter with mechs during a spontaneous game session this week. The player described the ability to spawn different mech types, potentially enabling pilots to switch between machine guns and rockets with ease.

Here is a distinct gameplay demonstration of Helldivers 2, featuring the playable mech as well as the dropship delivering supportive NPCs for player assistance during gameplay.

New features such as an energy-powered RPG, a meteor-like nuke, and summonable NPC support characters were also reported by players in the leaked footage.

While mechs were present in the original Helldivers game, an announcement trailer for the sequel hinted at their return post-launch.

Following the recent resolution of prevalent server issues that players experienced after the game's initial launch, Arrowhead's Johan Pilestedt expressed intentions to shift the studio's focus towards game enhancement and new content development.

"We're now in an optimal position to concentrate on game improvements and proceed with our primary roadmap," Pilestedt announced. An exciting array of plans awaits fans!

In an effort to enrich the content plans of the Sony-published shooter even further, Pilestedt recently expressed the company's ambition to expand its developer team. Helldivers 2 is currently available for PC and PS5 players.

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Gaming News Helldivers 2