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Fortnite's iOS Comeback in the EU: Epic's New Move

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Epic Games has revealed plans to bring the beloved battle royale game, Fortnite, back to iOS devices in the European Union. This move comes as a direct response to changes in EU legislation, specifically the Digital Markets Act, set to take effect in March, which mandates Apple to allow alternative app stores and payment methods.

Epic Games made the announcement via a tweet from their official Newsroom account, stating that Fortnite will be available on iOS in Europe through the new Epic Games Store app slated for release this year. The specifics of the UK's inclusion remain uncertain due to its non-EU status, and it's unclear if Epic will comply with Apple's newly introduced fees for alternative app stores.

Despite the potential financial implications, Epic Games seems undeterred, hinting at ongoing discussions regarding the regulatory timeline and reaffirming their stance against Apple's policies, which they claim violate the law. The introduction of the Digital Markets Act signifies a significant shift, allowing developers to bypass the App Store, although Apple has adjusted its terms to ensure it continues to profit from non-App Store apps.

Apple's revised terms include a charge of €0.50 for every download past the first million for apps exceeding a million downloads annually, potentially costing developers like Epic millions due to Fortnite's immense popularity. Additionally, Apple plans to levy a 27% commission on transactions made through third-party websites, a move criticized by Epic Games CEO Tim Sweeney as a "malicious compliance" effort to undermine the Digital Markets Act.

The gaming community eagerly awaits further details on Fortnite's return to iOS in the EU, marking a significant moment in the ongoing saga between Epic Games and Apple. This development not only promises to bring Fortnite back to a vast audience but also sets the stage for future confrontations in the digital marketplace.

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