Attention Warzone Mobile Players: Important Warning Before Game Launch
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Attention Warzone Mobile Players: Important Warning Before Game Launch

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

With a far-reaching global release on March 21, the highly anticipated Warzone Mobile from Activision is making headlines. The game, which has seen an impressive near-100 million pre-registrations, is projected to make a massive splash in the gaming community. Players are eagerly awaiting the return to Verdansk, a popular map that has missed since 2021.

Unfortunately, the Call of Duty universe has not been without its fair share of problems. Cheaters have been a persisting issue throughout its history and now, Activision seems to be making proactive efforts to curb foul play for the upcoming Warzone Mobile.

Notably, players have been forewarned not to use third-party tools that manipulate the in-game Field of View (FOV). Minimizing the possibility of unfair advantage, the game is being designed without FOV sliders. Hence, players will be provided with the same visibility degree, undisturbed by the type of device they use.

Alerting gamers of the serious consequences of cheating, recently, an Activision representative issued a solid warning via a Discord server. Players who attempt to alter the FOV files (which realistically isn't too difficult to achieve) run the risk of facing bans or other forms of enforcement measures. In fact, modifications to any game file that results in gaining an unfair edge over competitors will be met with punitive action.

The update on this warning was tweeted by Yanrique, one of the most famous Call of Duty Mobile players worldwide.

Sustaining the FOV restrictions in Warzone Mobile is part of Activision’s effort to provide everyone a level playing field. However, considering the wide variety of devices and gameplay methods available, achieving a completely balanced milieu from the start already seems challenging.

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