How to Build Market Stalls in Manor Lords
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How to Build Market Stalls in Manor Lords

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In Manor Lords, the strategic placement and management of market stalls and marketplaces play a vital role in the growth and prosperity of your settlement. Here's how you can effectively establish and optimize these essential features in the game:

Understanding the Importance of Market Stalls

  • Residential Needs: Meeting daily needs of citizens
  • Approval Ratings: Boosting population growth and army morale
  • Settlement Progression: Upgrading Burgage Plots and housing levels

How to Make Market Stalls

  1. Access the Construction Menu
  2. Navigate to Residential Options
  3. Design the Marketplace
  4. Automatic Stall Setup
Manor Lords Marketplace

Types of Market Stalls

The variety of stalls in your marketplace depends on the trades and resources available in your settlement. Some examples include:

  • Woodcutters Lodge: Firewood market stall
  • Granary and Forager Hut: Food market stalls
  • Weaver Workshop, Sheep Wool, Leather, Linen, Shoes, Clothes, Cloaks: Clothing market stalls
  • Bakery/Communal Oven: Food stall
  • Charcoal: Fuel stall

Strategic Placement and Management

  • Central Location: Ensure easy access from all Burgage Plots
  • Diverse Stall Types: Cater to the broad needs of your citizens
  • Monitor Needs and Adjustments: Regularly check housing plots for demands

Leveraging Market Stalls for Settlement Growth

  • Meet Expanding Needs: Continuously expand and diversify stalls
  • Boost Approval Ratings: Maintain a well-supplied marketplace

By applying these strategies in Manor Lords, you can ensure the success and prosperity of your settlement through efficient market stalls and marketplaces. Happy gaming!

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