How to Find Saved Videos in Content Warning
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How to Find Saved Videos in Content Warning

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Are you looking to create captivating SpookTube videos using the built-in recording mechanics in Content Warning? Look no further! In this guide, we'll show you how to record and find your video recordings in Content Warning.

How to Record Videos in Content Warning

Recording videos in Content Warning is easy once you know the steps. Here's a simple guide:

  1. Exit your house and grab the camera located outside the door.
  2. Head into the Old World and press the left mouse button to start recording.
  3. Return home and insert your camera into the video extraction machine.
  4. Retrieve the CD from the machine and use it on the TV in your house.
  5. Save the video to your desktop for later viewing.

After saving your video, you'll find it on your desktop in WEBM format, ready to watch whenever you please.

When recording in Content Warning, remember to start by activating the camera outside your house. You can switch to selfie mode, adjust the zoom, and stop recording as needed throughout your gameplay.

For the best recording opportunities, wait until you're in the Old World facing monsters before capturing footage. Recording videos is essential for uploading content to SpookTube and meeting your views quota.

How to Find Recorded Videos in Content Warning

There are two methods to locate your recorded videos in Content Warning:

  • Saving them to your desktop after using the extraction machine.
  • Accessing the recording folder by pressing F3.

If you prefer instant access to your clips without waiting for a full in-game day, simply press F3 to navigate to your %appdata%/Local/Temp/rec folders. Here, you'll discover your previously recorded videos, allowing you to view and share them instantly.

Whether you choose to save videos to your desktop or access them directly through the recording folder, Content Warning offers flexibility in managing your captured footage.

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