How to Easily Obtain Copper Bars in the Game No Rest for the Wicked
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How to Get Obtain Copper Bars in the Game No Rest for the Wicked

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you’re a fan of Moon Studio’s latest game, you know that NRFTW is a whole different ball game compared to other titles like Diablo. Gear drops are scarce in this game, so upgrading your weapons and armor is crucial for survival, especially after arriving at Sacrament, the major hub city.

Once you’ve defeated Warrick the Torn and made your way to the capital, you’ll gain entry to the Forge. This is where you can upgrade your gear, increasing their base stats. However, getting the required copper bars for upgrades might pose a challenge.

Option One: Buy Them

If you find yourself short on copper bars, you can always purchase them from the blacksmith in Sacrament. While not too expensive at 12 copper coins each, it’s a quick way to jumpstart your gear enhancements.

Option Two: Smelt Them Yourself

But why spend coins when you can craft them yourself? In order to unlock the blacksmith’s forge for smelting, you’ll need to speak to Danos in the town square, right north of the Sacrament Whisper. By exchanging 10 Pine Wood and 10 Copper Ore with him and waiting for an hour, you’ll have your own forge ready to go. Now, you can turn copper ore into bars at a 1:1 ratio, empowering yourself with the skills of a true smelter.

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