Getting the April Fools Update in Minecraft
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Getting the April Fools Update in Minecraft

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In the world of Minecraft, the April Fool's update has made a grand return, this time focusing on the Poisonous Potato. While this toxic spud has caused some headaches for farmers in the past, the latest patch aims to give it a new lease on life. So, if you're eager to dive into the April Fool's update in Minecraft, here's how you can get started.

For players on Minecraft Bedrock edition, the Poisonous Potato Add-On is now available for download on the marketplace. This update, created by Jigarbov Productions, is completely free and won't take up much space on your device.

To access the April Fool's update, simply create a new world and head to the Behavior Packs section to activate it. Alternatively, you can directly activate the Poisonous Potato Add-On from the marketplace itself.

For those playing on Java edition, you can also enjoy the April Fool's update by following a similar process. Additionally, Java players have the option to access the update through SnapShot. Simply open the Minecraft Launcher, go to Installations, and select the Latest SnapShot to experience the latest features.

In Creative mode, players can explore the new dimensions introduced in the April Fool's update. By searching for 'Potato' in the Crafting Table's encyclopedia, crafters can discover a range of new items like the Poisonous Potato Guide, Explosive Poisonous Potato, and Poisonous Potato Powered Netherite Sword.

Whether you're on Bedrock or Java edition, the April Fool's update in Minecraft promises a unique and exciting gameplay experience. Dive into the world of potato-themed blocks, peelers, and signs, and challenge yourself in Survival mode to uncover even more surprises. Just remember, if you're using SnapShot, it's always a good idea to create backups of your files due to its experimental nature.

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