Fixing the egg incubator problem in Palworld
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Fixing the Egg Incubator Problem in Palworld

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Some players have reported problems with egg incubators following the latest Palworld patch. Specifically, players have experienced an issue where eggs cannot be placed inside the incubator. This has understandably caused frustration among Palworld players. Fortunately, the developers at Pocketpair are aware of this bug and are actively working on a fix.

For those encountering the problem of not being able to place eggs in the incubator, there is a simple solution. By disassembling the incubator through the building menu and then rebuilding it, players can fix the issue temporarily. This quick fix should allow you to continue your breeding efforts in Palworld.

However, for players with numerous incubators on their base, the process of destroying and rebuilding each one can be time-consuming and tedious. It may be wise to prioritize which incubators to rebuild first while waiting for the bug fix to be implemented.

On a positive note, if you had eggs inside your incubator prior to the update, it appears that these eggs should still be retrievable even if you are unable to add new eggs to your existing incubators. This means that your current breeding progress is not lost.

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