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How to Change Worlds in Once Human

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

If you're playing Once Human and find yourself spawning in different worlds than your friends, don't worry - there are ways to change worlds without losing progress. Here's a guide on how to switch worlds in Once Human.

Methods to Change Worlds

There are two main methods to change worlds in Once Human:

  1. Locate a Teleportation Tower: The easiest way to change servers without losing progress is to find a teleportation tower within the game. Interacting with this tower will give you the option to switch to another world without starting fresh.
  2. Create a New Character: Alternatively, you can create a new character on a different game server. This method is quicker but will require you to start from the beginning.

Finding Teleportation Towers

Teleportation towers can usually be found after completing the tutorial questline and entering the open world for the first time. Once you enter the open world, check your in-game map for the nearest settlement. Teleportation towers are often located in settlements and can be easily identified by the beam of light they emit.

Follow any roads or paths leading to the teleportation tower to interact with it and choose the "change to another world" option.

Joining a New Server

If you prefer to join a new server by creating a new character, follow these steps:

  1. Open your main menu within the game.
  2. Select "Exit Game".
  3. Pick "Re-login".
  4. Choose a new server from the login menu.

By following these steps, you can easily switch to a different server in Once Human. Keep in mind that creating a new character means starting fresh and going through the tutorial again.

Whether you choose to find a teleportation tower or create a new character, changing servers in Once Human can enhance your gameplay experience and allow you to play with friends seamlessly.

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