V Rising 1.0 Hotfix #2 Patch Notes on 14th May
Patch Notes V Rising

V Rising 1.0 Hotfix #2 Patch Notes on 14th May

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The latest V Rising hotfix is here to ensure a smoother gameplay experience in Vardoran, with bug fixes, server improvements, and quality of life updates to enhance your conquests. Let us continue our relentless pursuit of dominance in the eternal night.

V Rising 1.0 Hotfix #2 Patch Notes

The war on bug-kind continues unabated as our elder Vampires set to massacring those who would disrupt our mission to conquer Vardoran! We are doing our utmost to ensure you, or kin, can build your legend uninterrupted. Consider this one more step towards the most perfect Vampire experience we can offer.

This hotfix will feature the following changes:

  • Fixed a rare bug where players could get stuck in combat once they leave a fight.
  • Fixed a rare issue where players could get stuck outside of the map with a “blue screen” on login, as their character was not synced properly to their client.
  • Fixed a potential server crash issue.
  • Fixed an issue where players would technically still have a weapon equipped after dragging and dropping it into the upgrade slot of the Ancestral Forge.
  • Fixed an issue where the Soul Shard map icon would not update correctly to follow the player carrying it if the Soul Shard was equipped directly from a Soul Shard pedestal.
  • Fixed a rare issue where not all unlocked progressions were correctly synced to a player upon login.
  • Fixed an issue where the maximum user cap would not work correctly, allowing more players to join a server than intended.
  • Fixed an issue where pillars could be destroyed in wide entrances if the wide entrance did not have support by an additional wall. This meant that a golem could destroy an entrance in one hit if they hit the pillar.
  • The server setting for displaying siege golems on the map is now toggled as “disabled” as the default setting. This will retroactively go into affect on Official Servers, and on those servers siege golems will no longer show on the map when placed.
  • Enemy players may now interact with prison cells, but they are not able to kill or subdue prisoners this way. This fixes an issue where players stored loot in Prison cells to secure it from enemy raids.
  • Players may now insert subdued units into empty enemy cells to allow for prisoner trades.
  • When purchasing books from a trader you can now see what books you have already unlocked.
  • Fixed a few assets that were not fading correctly when the player was standing behind them.
  • Lanterns in Farbane Woods Cemeteries now emit light correctly.
  • The illusion spawned when using Veil of Illusion will no longer attack other players in PvE.
  • The support mail in the main menu has been updated.

If you're having issues with the game, make sure to take a look at our known bugs and fixes to see if there's a potential solution to get you back into Vardoran as quickly as possible!

We're always grateful for your help in translating the game at crowdin.com.

Important Note!

Please report any issues you encounter after this patch here.

Additional Reminder!

Regularly back up your server saves! Here's how to do it.

Stay vigilant in the shadows of Vardoran, our fellow Vampires!

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Patch Notes V Rising


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