Unnamed Space Idle Update Patch Notes on June 30th
Patch Notes Unnamed Space Idle

Unnamed Space Idle Update Patch Notes on June 30th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In the Unnamed Space Idle Update, multiple fixes and changes have been made to improve the overall experience. The update includes fixing issues with upgrade confirm texts, adjusting margins in certain areas, and ensuring tooltips and popups display correctly. Players can also look forward to improved functionality, such as the ability to toggle shard links with a right click and centering upgrade areas for easier navigation. Read the full patch notes below.

Unnamed Space Idle Update Version Patch Notes:

  • Fix for synth upgrade confirm texts going out of bounds
  • Adjust some margins in synth and compute
  • Fix warp area tooltip not showing up
  • Fix warp upgrade scroll stuck if X
  • ing out confirm window
  • Allow right click to toggle shard link again
  • Make both warp upgrade areas center
  • Fix crew reprint popup sometimes out of bounds
  • Adjust prestige confirm and retrofit confirm to have more space between buttons

Source: Unnamed Space Idle

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Patch Notes Unnamed Space Idle


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