The Talos Principle 2 Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes on June 22nd
Patch Notes The Talos Principle 2

The Talos Principle 2 Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes on June 22nd

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Talos Principle 2 has released Update 2.1.0, fixing bug reports and issues from players in the community. From fixing connectors falling down in puzzles to adjusting achievements and cutscenes, this patch aims to improve the overall gameplay experience. Read the full patch notes below.

The Talos Principle 2 Update 2.1.0 Patch Notes:

Greetings Everyone!

Firstly, thank you so much for the amazing reception of Road to Elysium! We've loved all your reviews and posts about the DLC, and it's awesome to see you enjoying the extra campaigns. We’re really impressed by your puzzle solving skills and determination, especially when it comes to “Into the Abyss”. Congrats on cracking those!

We've also been keeping an eye on your reports on Discord and the Steam forums about any bugs and issues you ran into during your playthrough. We would like to let you know that we've addressed them in the newest patch 2.1.0. Thanks for sticking with us and for all the kind words from everyone in the community.

If you run into any issues with the new update, let us know. We love hearing from you!

With Love
- Croteam

The Talos Principle 2 Update 2.1.0 Changelog

Orpheus Ascending

  • Placing connectors on top of windows in “Step by Step” is no longer possible.
  • Connectors in “Clockwork” should no longer fall down.
  • Player will no longer fall out of bounds inside easter egg cave.
  • Moving platform in puzzle “Hysteresis” should no longer push connectors outside of the area.
  • Adjusted Ladder so that the player does not stay on top of the pillar in “Hysteresis” puzzle even though he has a low FPS.
  • Added missing connection in puzzle “Heart of Anubis”.
  • Sarabhai’s number in intro and ending cutscene used to be 8 which was the wrong number. It should be 6 now.
  • Adjusted “Heart of Anubis” puzzle to prevent remaining possible jumps from it into the gold puzzles area.
  • “Ancestry” achievement progress should be saved after death or reset.

Isle of the Blessed

  • Updated family photo at the end of credits.
  • Improved water in the intro cutscene when flying over it.
  • Player will no longer fall down when talking to Byron and Alcatraz in front of them.
  • Added a fence on puzzle "Intruder" that goes over the wall so that players can't jump on it only over it. Reduced size of gravity surface in the same puzzle. Added a ladder to the puzzle to prevent softlocks

Into The Abyss

  • Tools should no longer get accidentally stuck when executing the final step in "The Ring".
  • Player can no longer enter the "Stylite" puzzle from the bottom.
  • Player should no longer get stuck between the wall and fence near the fan in “One Way Link”.

Other Fixes

  • Improved quality of water on low and medium presets.
  • Driller should no longer create infinite sounds when placing it a lot.
  • Fixed the bug where having a corrupted save file in the first non-empty base game save slot would prevent the player from accessing the DLC.
  • Slightly drifting controllers should no longer constantly scroll through the terminals.
  • Gold puzzles are now deactivated and will teleport players out of them if entered before properly unlocked.
  • “Booting Process” benchmark should no longer have black screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the game would incorrectly consider the player as being stuck while they are on a gravity surface.
  • Fixed defaults in the menu for FOV, background frame rate and colour blind options.
  • Updated DLC Credits.
  • Fixed incorrect first person arms appearance in Orpheus Ascending and Into The Abyss

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Patch Notes The Talos Principle 2


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