SteamOS 3.6.6 Beta Update on June 21st
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SteamOS 3.6.6 Beta Update on June 21st

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The SteamOS 3.6.6 Preview: Shadow of the Beta, brings new features that are currently in testing to the Steam Deck. This update addresses issues such as session crashes during startup of ELDEN RING, memory leaks during gameplay, and DSP firmware crashes affecting sound. Read the full patch notes below.

SteamOS 3.6.6 Beta Update on June 21st:

Note: This update is for the Steam Deck Preview channel, and includes new features that are still being tested. You can opt into this in Settings > System > System Update Channel.


  • Fixed a an issue with a rare session crash during early startup of ELDEN RING
  • Fixed a general issue affecting all units on 3.6, and OLED units on 3.5, causing a slow memory leak during gameplay
  • Fixed a DSP firmware crash with previous 3.6 versions that could result in internal sound disappearing until next reboot
  • Improved responsiveness of session restart in case of session crashes caused by certain GPU errors
  • Fixed an issue that could cause videos to stutter in titles such as BlazBlue Centralfiction

Source: Steam

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Patch Notes Steam Deck


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