Steam Deck Client Update on June 14th
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Steam Deck Client Update on June 14th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Steam Deck Client Update released on June 14th brings several improvements and fixes to the Steam Deck. From improved battery information for Bluetooth devices to fixes for UI bugs and controller issues, this update aims to make gaming on the Steam Deck even smoother. Read the full patch notes below.

Steam Deck Client Update on June 14th:

We have just shipped an updated Steam Deck Client to the Stable channel.


  • Show battery information for connected Bluetooth devices under Settings->Bluetooth and in the Quick Access menu.
  • Added a per-device toggle to Settings->Bluetooth that controls whether a device is allowed to wake SteamDeck from sleep.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the UI to show stale data for Bluetooth devices.
  • Fixed web browsers showing blank page entries when navigating back.
  • Fixed games with file names containing spaces not exiting when forced.
  • Fixed clickable screenshots in the post-game summary and library screenshot section not opening the screenshot dialog to the correct item.
  • Fixed some cases where the Guide Button/Steam button would require two presses to open the Steam menu.
  • The magnifier scale can now be configured in Settings->Display.
  • Made client settings visible but generally unchangeable when Family View is active.
  • Fixed chat notification sounds sometimes playing even if friends & chat was disabled in Family View.

Steam Input

  • Improved Gyro To Mouse behavior when connected over bluetooth.
  • Fixed incorrect glyphs displaying for Nintendo controllers in configurator.
  • Added "Universal Face Button Glyphs" toggle in controller settings.
  • Fixed rumble not working on the DualSense controller when connected over BT.
  • Fixed Some binds (System, ActionSets, Camera) not appearing in Activator Slots.
  • Added exclusion of Gyro Activation Buttons from controller configs that don't have those buttons.
  • Fixed issue with stale bindings on Quick Settings menu when multiple controllers are plugged in.


  • Fixed app activity feed to refresh more reliably.
  • Fixed comments sometimes getting lost on achievement unlock events in the app activity feed.

Desktop Mode

  • Fixed friends & chat buttons sometimes not working when starting in Family View.
  • Fixed user persona not displaying in title bar when starting in Family View.
  • Fixed PIN entry dialog not getting input focus when unlocking Family View.

Friends / Chat

  • Reduced network traffic on connect and reconnect.

Remote Play

  • Added a one time pairing step when streaming from a remote computer.
  • The Remote Play Together UI is always available in the Steam overlay for supported games.

Source: Steam

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