Soulmask Early Access Regular Update 11 Patch Notes on July 11th
Patch Notes Soulmask

Soulmask Early Access Regular Update 11 Patch Notes on July 11th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Soulmask Early Access Regular Update 11, you can expect gameplay and function changes aimed at enhancing the overall gaming experience. From changes to item recovery mechanics to bug fixes and optimizations, this update is sure to keep chieftains on their toes. Read the full patch notes below.

Soulmask Early Access Regular Update 11 Patch Notes:

To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from July 11, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.

The update details are as follows:

[Gameplay and Function Adjustments]

  • Fresh Meats changed to recovering Satiety instantly from recovering Satiety over several seconds
  • The tribesmen cap that can be recorded in Solo and Private Server has been raised to 10
  • Optimized the action of using bandages. Can use bandages while squatting, and using bandages while falling down doesn't slow you down
  • Ironblood Guard - Sequence Protection's Crit Resist has changed from 8% to 20%
  • Ironblood Guard - Muscle Revival new effect: Charges the healing energy every 180 seconds in duration. Once entering the Near-death status, releases energy immediately to heal injuries
  • Nature Enlightenment can summon animals with ≤Awareness Level +10 instead of ≤Awareness Level
    Optimized the clipping-check rule in placing Brewing Stand
  • In PVP Mode, you can plunder supplies from all kinds of tables directly after 20% of their durability is destroyed. We've added a reminder when it could be plundered
  • Audio-related Optimizations: Optimized the decay of the wave sound over distance to make it smoother. Added the sound effect for the Blizzard weather. Reduced the volume of the "Icy Cold" and "Extreme Cold" sound effects
  • Can put cups and bowls into Ice Cellar
  • "Decor Table" has been renamed "Mask Decor Table". The corresponding name at technology nodes has also been changed to avoid confusion
  • Mask module placement adjustments in dungeons: Lv.40 dungeons yield Nature Enlightenment's modules, and Lv.50 dungeons yield Ironblood Guard's modules

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue that Anti-Radiation Tower didn't work in some cases
  • Rectified the Satiety Bonus of Refined Ostrich Feed
  • Fixed the issue of gauntlet's mastery skill - Monkey Fist: After the skill was interrupted by rolling, could still stack the Crit Buff by using other skills to attack
  • Fixed the issue that when the barrack's Alarm was triggered, the alarm's sound effect was still on even after it was demolished
  • Fixed the issue that the caretaker tribesman for Bonfire couldn't auto-repair Groundspike, Peg Board, and other traps
  • Fixed the issue that the caretaker tribesman for Bonfire couldn't auto-repair Wooden Man
  • Fixed the issue that couldn't get the Sweet Home and Comfort buffs while under the stair
  • Fixed the issue that the dismissed tribesmen could still be deterred
  • Fixed the issue that the sound effect was still on after the execution action was interrupted
  • Fixed the issue that "Wasteland Wolf" of the Desert could be spawned in the Random Invasion event of Snow Mountain
  • Fixed the issue that the scanning laser of Central Core couldn't attack ultra-close targets
  • Fixed the abnormal electrical skill effect of mechanical beings. Now you can't use metal shields to block the electrical damage of mechanical beings anymore (not for wooden shields and bone shields)
  • Fixed the issue that Central Core Boss had a chance to get players stuck (knocks players inside its body airborne when releasing skills)
  • Fixed the issue that when the language was set as German/Portuguese, couldn't set the Craft Quantity properly when it was over 999
  • Fixed the anomaly of the Panther/Snow Leopard summoned by Nature Enlightenment

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Patch Notes Soulmask


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