Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 9 Patch Notes on July 2nd
Patch Notes Soulmask

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 9 Patch Notes on July 2nd

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

In the Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 9, you can expect fixes to various issues such as abnormal character positions in dungeons and abnormal dissecting yields from arctic wolves. Also, optimizations have been made to the way monkeys manage stored items and the durability deduction method for repairing weapons, gears, and tools. Read the full patch notes below.

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 9 Patch Notes:

To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from July 2, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.

The update details are as follows:

  • Fixed the issue where players returning to the main menu or exiting the game from a random dungeon in single-player or room servers could cause the main character's position to be abnormal on re-entry.
  • Optimized the way monkeys manage stored items.
  • If resources transferred feature of the self-crafting basic portals remains disabled, the following monkeys cannot be teleported; the monkeys stop following when the owner dies.
  • Fixed the issue with the Enhance Tools being unable to be repaired (while old items are still irreparable, new items no longer have this problem).
  • Fixed the issue with abnormal dissecting yields from the arctic wolves in ruins.
  • Corrected the damage of Anaconda to constructions.
  • Fixed the conflict that arises when multiple anti-radiation towers effect overlap.
  • Adjusted the durability deduction method for repairing weapons, gears, and tools (the same fixed value is deducted for the same type, regardless of quality or maximum durability).
  • The effect of "Death Bringer" title is now activated when the target has less than 30% HP or is in near-death status.
  • Added a GM command in private servers to grant specified players extra Awareness EXP. (Aim at the specified player and enter the command: gm AddExpToTarget [value])
  • Optimized the AI functionality of deployed tribesmen; they can detect enemies and enter combat more swiftly in Active mode.
  • Fixed an issue in friend connection mode where the ripple effects from swimming disappeared when riding a panther.
  • Fixed the issue with shield blades producing blood splash effects when missing their target during basic attacks.
  • Players who are 'uplifted' by a great sword cannot be launched into the air again within 15 seconds.
  • During the execution of 'uplift' by great sword, the user is immune to being launched into the air by others.
  • Fixed an issue where the cavern background music would continue to play after leaving the cavern.
  • After the activation of new large Holy Ruins and Pyramid portals, their icons will be clearly marked on players' maps.

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Patch Notes Soulmask


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