Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 7 Patch Notes on June 25th
Patch Notes Soulmask

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 7 Patch Notes on June 25th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the latest Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 7, you can expect a variety of game optimizations, gameplay adjustments, and bug fixes. From improved visual and sound effects to AI combat adjustments and bug fixes, this update aims to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gameplay for chieftains. Read the patch notes below.

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 7 Patch Notes:

Dear Chieftains,

To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 25, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.

The update details are as follows:

[Game Optimizations]

  • Optimized the visual and sound effects of the Claw Tribe Leader·Bloodletter's Ignite Weapon ability.
  • Optimized the sound effects for certain Dual-blade Mastery.
  • Enhanced the ambient sounds in the Rainforest and Desert areas.
  • Added Superarmor and extended Invincibility frames to the Blade Golden Mastery "Low Strike", making it easier to hit smaller targets.
  • Tribesmen within a 100-meter radius of a Bonfire will not be attacked by the Tribute Capturer NPC.
  • Improved the lighting effects of Wall Torches and Wall Oil Lamps.
  • Map now displays icons for free-range animals that are not mounts.
  • Optimized simultaneous operations of multiple granaries, with tribesmen now coordinating to tend to their respective farmlands.
  • You can now roast mushrooms and potatoes using recipes directly on your cooking stove.
  • Optimized the attack pattern of the Armadillo Lizard.

[Gameplay Adjustments]

  • Removed the sound coefficient correction from defense mods and deleted Chill-proof and Heat-proof adjustments in damage reduction mods.
  • Silica Sand can now be produced in a mill.
  • Fish Soup is now automatically consumable by tribesmen.
  • Turtle Shell can be used as a substitute for Shell to repair Bronze and Iron costumes.
  • Optimized combat AI for low-level (below level 40) humanoid enemies, who will now prefer to Block rather than Dodge when attacked from a distance.
  • Reduced the skill cooldown time for the Great Sword Mastery "Uplift."
  • Respawn function is disabled while riding.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the issue where the "Extreme Cold Aura" effect would remain after the character's death.
  • Fixed the issue with the Talent entry "Calm and Peaceful" displaying incorrect stack numbers.
  • Fixed the issue where the Gauntlets Mastery "Slidestep Hook" could cause characters to be thrown too far.
  • Fixed the issue allowing multiple stacks of the Mastery "Guarding Roar" and "Fearless Roar" to be applied.
  • Fixed the issue where visual effects caused by the Vajra Ape could persist.
  • Fixed the issue where rolling under the Blood Sacrifice state was misidentified as a Low Strike.
  • Fixed the issue where interrupting the recovery of "Retreat Drill" with a jump would also briefly apply Superarmor to other skill hits.
  • Fixed the issue where hitting an enemy's shield (wooden or steel) when they are not in defense state does not cause damage.
  • Fixed the sliding issue occurring after a spear execution.
  • Mining, Logging, and Collecting now produce a certain amount of noise, alerting the enemy.
  • Fixed a small chance overlap issue between Mimicry models and Masks.
  • Fixed the issue where certain Mimicry models block the player's view when drawing a bow.
  • Fixed the issue where Llamas carrying NPCs can be damaged by traps.
  • Fixed the issue where the Superarmor remains when the "Tactical Guidance" Mimicry of deployed tribesmen is disabled.
  • Fixed the issue where NPCs carried on the player character's back would behave abnormally if grabbed and dropped by a Vulture.
  • Fixed the issue where the release of certain skills would cause mining.
  • Fixed the issue where Parrots and Monkeys placed on shoulders would disappear if the game client was forcibly closed.
  • Fixed the issue where Half-Height Blackstone Stairs can be constructed in mid-air.
  • Fixed the issue where the displayed range of Workshop type buildings does not change after modifying their coverage area.
  • Fixed the issue where tribesmen assigned to maintain bonfires would not actively supply fuel to the Air Heater.
  • Fixed the issue where all tribesmen might show the "Cannot assign work to the default tribesman" prompt.

Source: Soulmask

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Patch Notes Soulmask


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