Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 5 Patch Notes on June 20th
Patch Notes Soulmask

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 5 Patch Notes on June 20th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 5, you can expect improved level structures to enhanced survival capabilities for tribesmen, the update aims to provide a smoother and more enjoyable gaming experience for chieftains. Also, bug fixes and PVP cross-server testing add new dimensions to the game. Read the full patch notes below.

Soulmask Early Access Hotfix 5 Patch Notes:

Dear Chieftains,

To provide a better gaming experience, the server will undergo maintenance. It will be temporarily unavailable starting from June 20, at 7:00 AM UTC, with an expected downtime of 30 minutes. This update includes a client update, and chieftains will need to update their client to enjoy the game normally. We are very grateful for your understanding and support.

The update details are as follows:

[Map Optimizations]

  • Optimized the level structure of Random Maze Ruins
  • Optimized the triggering of the one-way door in dungeons to prevent players from getting stuck in the door
  • Optimized the dungeon's teleportations and its random range to prevent some anomalies
  • Added new Respawn Points in the advanced area that can be used upon exploration

[Experience Optimizations]

  • For tribesmen: enhanced their survival capabilities regardless of the deployed states. Upon Feign Death, auto-recover of deployed tribesmen will be much faster
  • The disease's duration has changed from Permanent to 300 seconds. VFX displays when catching a disease. Antidotes'
  • Intros are added to the disease buff description
  • Optimized bear's combat skills and AI
  • While playing the cutscene — the death of “Central Core”, players obtain a Damage Immunity effect
  • The random chance for some of the Non-Golden Masteries has increased
  • Invulnerability has been added while repairing nodes in Pyramid to prevent interruption
  • Attack Speed is now displayed on the stats interface
  • Optimized bow's mastery "Shooting Technique". The target is easier to hit when locked on
  • Optimized VFX for the damage reflection of the talent affix "Fight Back"
  • Granary and Breeding Farm are now unlocked at Lv.10
  • Damage derement by Sticky Explosive Can to different constructions becomes smoother
  • Steel Battering Ram and Steel Cannonball deal more damage to Blackstone Constructions
  • Corrected action and sound effect of drinking from Water Bottle
  • Added description for Repair Times and Loss Ratio of Max Durability to gear tips

[PVP Cross-server Test is On]

After this update, the cross-server feature of PVP servers in Group01 on Asia Server, North America Server, and Europe Server will unlock at 07:00, 6/20 (UTC). Players on these servers can travel to other servers in Group01 of the same region via the cross-server portal above the pyramid. Other PVP cross-server features are on the way.

[Bug Fixes]

  • Fixed the special effect remnant issue of Common Mammoth's skills
  • Fixed the display errors of Quality, Level, and other info under details in Hunting Gallery
  • Fixed the issue where Tempest Griffin's Wind Projectile wouldn't disappear after being unlashed
  • Fixed the issue of invisible friend units that couldn't be seen when Rendering Quality under Game Settings - Graphics is set as Low or Ultra-low
  • Fixed the issue where the display of “Mysterious Stone Table” wasn't refreshed after switching masks with mask hidden
  • Fixed the mask decor display issue on tribesmen after remodel
  • Fixed the display anomaly of Upper Limit for Tribesmen on the I interface after the adjustment of Recruitable Tribesmen Coefficient
  • Fixed the issue of occasional anomaly skin color after the hairstyle was changed
  • Fix the issue where when the bow was drawn, some feather accessories and Mimicry models would block the view
  • Fixed the issue where characters could stand on Anti-climb Thorns
  • Fixed Piranha's growth speed issue
  • Fixed the teleportation drift issue of animals after being carried through Portal
  • Fixed the issue where the NPC's action of using bandages still went on after being interrupted
  • Fixed the issue where the talent affix “Multiple Shooting” could only take effect in the Solo mode
  • Optimized the clipping issue of Vajra Ape's animation and its attack sound effect
  • Fixed the model inconsistency of throwable weapons when gripped and not gripped
  • Fixed the issue where “Mind-Heart Unison”, “Bloodbath Recovery”, and some other talent affixes couldn't be triggered when facing animals or machines
  • Fixed the issue where barbarians with the “Likes defecation” affix could trigger the continuous effect when entering Outhouse, but the effect would be removed the instant they left Outhouse
  • Fixed the issue where barbarians with the “Likes dancing” affix could trigger the continuous effect when dancing, but the effect would be removed the instant they stopped dancing
  • Fixed the action play anomaly of the executed when a barbarian was executed with Backstab
  • Fixed the issue where players might get stuck in models after being caught and thrown by the boss's Grab skill
  • Fixed the absence of the footstep's sound effect when riding an ostrich
  • Fixed the inconsistency between the displayed number and actual number of Turkeys in Turkey Coop
  • Fixed the issue where "Lighting Module" would reactivate when getting on and off the mount.
  • Fixed the vibration issue of Sprint while auto-advancing
  • Optimized the issue where player gets stuck in the air with the Leap Slash skill
  • Fixed the issue where after the tribesmen on patrol were deployed, the patrol mode was still on
  • Fixed the occasional display error of buff's time
  • Fixed the occasional issue where the skill gets stuck or first dry shoot would be released when using the bow’s mastery “Running Fire”
  • Fixed the occasional animation issue of character execution
  • Fixed the issue where players could enter the interior of mountains by climbing
  • Optimized the monster quantity in the dungeon ruins

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Patch Notes Soulmask


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