Ravenswatch Update 0.17.04 Patch Notes on June 28th
Patch Notes Ravenswatch

Ravenswatch Update 0.17.04 Patch Notes on June 28th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

The Ravenswatch Update 0.17.04 has been released in response to community feedback, focusing on addressing the economy in the game. Changes have been made to revert the increase in Dream Shards costs in higher difficulties and adjust the Hope Diamond item to prevent overpowered combos. Read the full patch notes below.

Ravenswatch Update 0.17.04 Patch Notes:

After reading your feedback on our latest patch, it became clear that some of our changes were not welcomed by the community. We hear you and this patch will address the main issue reported by players: the economy.

While our intentions were never to put a strain on players, we recognize that this drastic change was not in line with the community’s expectations (and ultimately our own).

By adjusting the economy, we were hoping to pivot the narrative of accumulating too many Magical Objects during a game, as we mentioned in a previous Dev Diary. We now understand that this solution was not adapted and fair to players.

Having looked at the videos, data, and feedback from the Avalon update, we felt that players were looking for a significantly greater challenge on the higher difficulties of the game (hence why we hadn't made any changes to Adventure mode). It's safe to say that our impression was wrong! If players want an even more challenging experience with the Nightmare Difficulty, our main focus should be around the Custom Game Mode modifiers and changes on specific combos from now on, as pointed out by some members of the community here.

Thank you for raising concerns and sharing your thoughts during this development process! We’ll keep on monitoring new feedback on the other balancing changes and adjust if necessary 👍

Also, we’re going live TODAY at 5 PM CEST (in about 45 minutes) on Twitch to chat about this patch and play some runs, so join us!

Read the detailed patch note below:

🐦 = Community additions, suggestions, reports

General Balancing

  • 🐦 Economy: Removed the Economy change on the increase of Dream Shards costs in higher difficulties (back at what it was before)
  • 🐦 Hope Diamond: Now grants +50% Dream Shards (from +100%)
    Design Note: Often pointed out by the community as a systematic trigger for overpowered combos, we have weakened the Hope Diamond item in more reasonable proportions. We will closely monitor the effects of the previous patch as well as these two changes.

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Patch Notes Ravenswatch


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