Path of Exile Update 3.24.3 Patch Notes on June 20th
Patch Notes Path of Exile

Path of Exile Update 3.24.3 Patch Notes on June 20th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Path of Exile Update 3.24.3, you can expect updates to Graphics Options along with multiple bug fixes. The addition of a new Render Resolution setting allows for better performance with lower image quality, while new Upscale Mode and Sharpness settings provide more customization. Various bugs, such as issues with map generation and microtransactions, have also been fixed. Read the full patch notes below.

Path of Exile Update 3.24.3 Patch Notes on June 20th:

This patch contains updates to Graphics Options in addition to a number of bug fixes.

Graphics Changes

  • Added a new Render Resolution graphics setting to select your resolution scaling. A lower resolution results in better performance but lower image quality.
  • In addition to this, there are also new Upscale Mode and Sharpness graphics settings.
  • The "Fast" VSync graphics setting has been removed as it was not effective unless using a Nvidia graphics card with Triple Buffering enabled.
  • You can now set a foreground FPS cap while VSync is enabled.
  • Optimised the performance of some monsters and microtransactions.
  • After this patch, local cached assets will be cleaned up upon launching the client.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug that caused Lava Chamber Map areas to sometimes fail to generate.
  • Fixed a bug where a portal was not opened upon defeating the target of The Slaver King Unique Heist Contract.
  • Fixed a bug where one of the Bramble Valley Map Bosses, Elida Blisterclaw, could get stuck in the wall of their arena.
  • Fixed a bug where Oscillotrons in Heist Contracts and the Fortress Map were counted towards number of Monsters remaining.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Xenathar, Templar Reaper's beams to be invisible.
  • Fixed a graphical bug where particles could persist between area transitions.
  • Fixed a bug where the Evertree Map Device microtransaction was not displaying the number of Maps completed when using Controller Input mode.
  • Fixed a bug where the Golden Path footprints from Demigod's Stride and its alternate art version were missing after converting the item to a microtransaction.
  • Fixed a bug where the Voidborn Body Armour microtransaction had sharp lines in its visual effect.
  • Fixed a bug where the dynamic culling on the Cosmos Weapon Effect microtransaction was too aggressive.
  • Fixed a client crash.

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Patch Notes Path of Exile


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