Northgard Update Patch Notes on June 19th
Patch Notes Northgard

Northgard Update Patch Notes on June 19th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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In the Northgard Update, the dev team addresses the Hounds Clan balancing, focusing on the Bloodthirst ability. They have made changes to prevent potential exploits and reduce frustration for opponents during combat. Also, bug fixes have been implemented to improve gameplay experience, including fixes for the Owl, Raven, Boar, and more. Read the full patch notes below.

Northgard Update Patch Notes:

Hounds Balancing

From the data we’ve tracked regarding the balancing of the Clan, the Clan doesn’t seem to be too strong overall (Winrate in ranked: 35% in Duel | 51% in 3v3 | 3% in FFA), but we’ve seen from your feedback many of you still find it too strong in some settings, so the strength of the Clan may be still unbalanced at higher ranks. We’ll be investigating this in particular, but in the meantime, we’re still reducing its stronger aspects to prevent potential exploits.


_We’ve seen many discussions about Bloodthirst, and the fact it’s breaking a fundamental rule about healing in combat, which is something we usually do not allow, as we’ve lately made changes to some clans to reinforce this (like the Eagle boneyard, and Snake Scorched Earth).
We usually prevent this because, on a large warband, this can lead to long and frustrating fights for the opponents, where it can feel like the enemy is not even taking damage.

We do allow it in some cases where it increases the survival chances of a few important units. We do, for example, allow it for Torfin with the knowledge Unstoppable, and the same logic applies to Hounds. As the Clan has the smallest warband among all clans, it is easier to target one unit to take down, and each unit lost is a significant setback for the Clan, so it needs ways to help its units survive the fight.
We will decrease the speed at which it heals the units to make it less frustrating to the opponents. Still, we do not want to remove the possibility of healing during combat, as it is already not fast enough to prevent a unit from being killed if targeted._

  • At a speed of 1 HP per second → 0,75 HP per second


  • Attack Power 12,5 → 12
  • Shredding Claws (Lvl 2 ability)
    • Each attack slows the target by -7,5% → -3%
    • With Hord Instinct each Foxskin increases this value by +2,5% → +1,5%
    • To a maximum of -20% > -15%
  • Hunter’s Mark (Lvl 3 ability)
    • No longer reduces the target speed
    • Increase the damages they receive by +35% > +15%
    • With Hord Instinct each Foxskin increases this value by ~~+10% ~~> +3%

Similarly to the heal during combat of Bloodthirst, we’ve seen many discussions about the fairness of Death Deceiver and the ability to make a unit unkillable for a few seconds. As this only affects one unit at a time and only lasts a few seconds, for us, it is a tool for the Clan to avoid losing a valuable unit without a chance to react and not something we want to remove. But we’ll make the effect last a bit less time to try and make it less frustrating to opponents.

  • Death Deceiver (Lvl 3 ability)
    • Make the first unit in the zone to die invincible for 3 seconds > 2 seconds


  • Cross of Vidar - Fixed raid in mission 4 getting stuck
  • Hounds - Fixed foxes soul size when summoned from a dead Foxskin
  • Hounds - Fixed Wild Hunt event not working when foes were killed in conquest mission God's Fury
  • Hounds - Fixed Brawler not forging the sword in conquest mission Shards of Misfortune
  • Hounds - Fixed carcass not collectable if too close to a border of a tile
  • Hounds - Fixed a crash with the last bonus conquest if spectral doesn’t have the space to be spawned
  • Owl - Fixed Healing Herbs military experience earned when placed on the Clan of the Hound
  • Owl - Fixed erudition lore not granting a free lorestone if placed in an ally territory before reaching 30 in relation
  • Raven - Fixed life amount for the giant sent in raids
  • Boar - Fixed herbalism not working as intended
  • Stoat - Fixed an issue with Military upgrade that all could be placed on different Sentry camp
  • Snake - Fixed tile discovered by Scorched Earth in conquest mission “Lands of Oblivion”
  • Kingdom - Fixed camera position at the start of a game
  • Conquest - Fixed foes being invisible when attacking in conquest “Lands of Oblivion”
  • Conquest - Fixed hostility in conquest mission “Gem cutter”
  • Save - Fixed some crash when loading a save
  • Crashes - Fixed crash caused by special character in player tag
  • AI - Fixed AI not building lighthouse
  • Environment - Fixed crows life bar
  • Achievement - Fixed “Knowledge is power” not unlocking
  • Relic - Fixed relic being forged instantly when forged in first

Known Issues

  • Translation issues in some texts
  • Endless slowing effect after being hit by a foxskin (occasionally - details or videos needed )
  • Server issues

Source: Northgard

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Patch Notes Northgard


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