Minecraft Update 1.21.2 (Bedrock) Patch Notes on July 9th
Patch Notes Minecraft

Minecraft Update 1.21.2 (Bedrock) Patch Notes on July 9th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The Minecraft Update 1.21.2 (Bedrock) has been released to address some of the top issues. The update includes fixes for Ominous Trial Spawners, Trial Spawners, and introduces new experimental features like the UIManager class and uiManager object. Read the full patch notes below:

Minecraft Update 1.21.2 (Bedrock) Patch Notes:

A new hotfix is now available to address some of the top issues that have been encountered since the 1.21 update.

Features and Bug Fixes

Ominous Trial Spawner

  • Mobs spawned by Ominous Trial Spawners now drop items they picked up (MCPE-182630

Ominous Vault

  • Rare loot now has 80% chance of dropping, instead of 20% (MCPE-180654

Trial Spawner

  • Fixed issue with Trial Spawners not ejecting loot in older worlds (MCPE-182758)

Experimental Features


  • Added UIManager class and uiManager object to @minecraft/server-ui beta

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Patch Notes Minecraft


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