Going Medieval Update 0.19.12 Patch Notes on June 6th
Patch Notes Going Medieval

Going Medieval Update 0.19.12 Patch Notes on June 3rd

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

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The latest Going Medieval update, 0.19.12, is now available. The update brings bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Be sure to save your progress and restart your game client to update. You can read the full patch notes below.

Going Medieval Update 0.19.12 Patch Notes

Greetings players! The newest patch (0.19.12) is now live on all platforms. Please save your progress and restart your game client to update. You should be able to load normally and continue playing. If you have any problems, please let us know.

Bugs and Fixes

  • Fixed several crash occurrences.
  • Fixed the issue where the water wouldn’t flow through certain constructions like wicker and grated doors, grated floors, etc.
  • Fixed the issue where visitors with roles would stay on the map until they die from starvation.
  • Fixed the issue that prevented pens from being properly detected.
  • Fixed the issue where snow would appear on the stairs despite there being no reason for that.

Quality of Life improvements

  • Chaplain received one additional idle animation.
  • Sermon participants received one additional idle animation.
  • Extortion requirements have been rebalanced in some cases.

Known issues:

  • Merchants will lose their cargo if you save & load the game while they are present on the map.
  • Some text keys are missing.
  • Player-triggered events don't have sound effects
  • Settlers will not refuel torches if there is no floor/ground beneath them.
  • Settlers will not choose the closest production building (if there are more of the same type), but the one that has a production set first in the global list of productions.

DISCLAIMER: The experimental and the main branch have the same version of the game. However, on the experimental branch, we decided to keep the Dev version of the game, and that means that a Dev log with red text will appear from time to time. This will help us get more info from your side when crashes and bug reports occur. If you are annoyed by this, please switch to the main branch to experience the game without the red text.

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Patch Notes Going Medieval


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