Dota 2 Update 7.36b Patch Notes on June 6th
Patch Notes Dota 2

Dota 2 Update 7.36b Patch Notes on June 6th

Nathan Lees
Nathan Lees

Dota 2 Update 7.36b has been released, bringing gameplay changes and bug fixes. From adjustments to hero abilities to fixing various hotkey issues, this patch aims to improve the overall gaming experience. Read the full patch notes below.

Dota 2 Update 7.36b Patch Notes:

7.36b Gameplay PatchPatch 7.36b is out now. You can check out the patchnotes here.

Additionally, a few bugs were fixed over the last several days:

  • Fixed various hotkey issues
  • Fixed Shield Rune buff not having an icon
  • Roshan's attacks no longer instantly kill Shadow Shaman's Mass Serpent Wards and Massive Serpent Ward. Instead, Roshan's attacks are treated as Hero attacks
  • Fixed Arc Warden's Tempest Double taking more damage than intended
  • Fixed Beastmaster's Level 20 Talent Max Health Aura to Beastmaster and his units applying to couriers in certain circumstances
  • Fixed Broodmother's Spin Web having less cast range than intended if it touches another web
  • Fixed Death Prophet's Silence having some unintended interactions
  • Fixed Dragon Knight's Frost Dragon Wyrm's Wrath unintentionally applying its effect to buildings
  • Fixed Drow Ranger's Multishot being canceled by casting Glacier
  • Fixed Faceless Void's Time Zone crediting assists incorrectly
  • Fixed Huskar's Life Break in combination with Parting Shot occasionally causing players to be unable to issue commands
  • Fixed Invoker's Elitist passively granting spell amp without applying the debuff first
  • Fixed Invoker's Mastermind not granting experience
  • Fixed Leshrac's Nihilism not getting affected by Defilement & other AoE increases
  • Fixed Lina's Flame Cloak not refreshing Fiery Soul's duration if cast while at max Fiery Soul stacks
  • Fixed Lina's Laguna Blade with Level 25 Talent Laguna Blade Damage into barrier not granting barrier from Slow Burn damage
  • Fixed Lycan's Spirit Wolves sometimes being controllable
  • Fixed Morphling's Attribute Shift bar being misaligned
  • Fixed Muerta's Ofrenda being stealable
  • Fixed Shadow Demon with Shadow Servant being able to create infinite duration illusions if Reins of Chaos procced upon casting Disruption on a Chaos Knight
  • Fixed Techies' Spleen's Secret Sauce not dealing the correct amount of damage
  • Fixed Undying's Ceaseless Dirge sometimes causing Undying to be unable to issue commands
  • Fixed Venomancer's Patient Zero dealing more damage than intended
  • Fixed Warlock's Black Grimoire not swapping when players swapped heroes in game
  • Fixed Witch Doctor's Gris-Gris not swapping when players swapped heroes in game

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Patch Notes Dota 2


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